Friday, December 17, 2010

does love lasts forever?

sometimes i wonder how long does love actually last. some may say forever or maybe there's a specific period of time. According to my psychology professor, love is divided into several categories which are based on affectionate, lust and commitment (if i'm not mistaken). For the first stage of love, most people go through the affection and lust stage only. Then people get bored. That is why we can see married couple live happily for several first year. Then, they will start to fight and quarrel. If love is strong enough, you will go through another stage and the next ones. There are married couples whose loves last until they die. isn't that the sweetest thing? Sometimes i can even see old couple holding hands and hugs. So sweet. So lovey dovey. For me, i believe that if both sides of the couple are sincere to each other and love truly, insyaAllah, the love will last forever. I also believe that the couple can even meet in Jannah later on. I am not saying that wan and I will last forever as we are just still at the early stage of love but I am praying that our love will last. If he is the one for me, then I will accept him truly and sincerely. Honestly, i don't know where the love can bring us in the future, but that makes it more exciting! i hope i can know him better from day to day. People, do pray for us and our happiness ok :)


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