Monday, December 6, 2010

The Person Who Completed My Life :) [WARNING : Don't read it if you will end up feeling emotional after this]

what's up guys? Nothing much? emmmm. so back to the title. 'The Person Who Completed My Life". In case you don't know, it means someone who represents the missing pieces of yourself that you are looking for all this while. Maybe some of us have found that missing piece and some don't. But, don't worry, I'm sure there are someone out there who is perfectly right for you. It's just he or she is currently with the wrong person at the wrong time. heeee. so,enough digression. This title is about my beloved partner. Hoo yeah, he is so charming + nice + cool. He is everything that I am looking for all this while. I won't and I can't stop loving him. So far, I haven't spot any flaw in him. He accept me for who I am and I accept him for who he is.

Lately, we face a lot of obstacle in our relationship. It's all because of another (more than one) person who is so fucking jealous with us. It's okay because everything that the person had done is not successful. and... thanks to that person who created the fights between us because the fights don't pull us apart, but make our bond more stronger. Stronger than before. Like seriously! Hahah. Thanks to you, enemy :)

Maybe everyone does mistakes before this but who cares? Nobody's perfect right? What's important now is the future and not the past. We are both had done stupid things in our past but thank God we finally met each other and accept all the flaw. We are better person now. And who cares what other people talk behind our back. Awww so jiwang kan? but SWEET <3
So now I'm presenting to all of you the love of my life, Muhd. Ridzuan Maarof. The sweetest guy I've ever met. True love does exist people! The more I know him, the more I find similarities between us. hehehe. I'm SURE this relationship will last FOREVER u guys know, I sayang gila kat dia! Maybe there are some bitches out there who admit that he is hers and I don't care really. Because I know him more than you. Of course la kan, he is my soulmate. hehehe. So, sorry girls, you can do whatever you can to make him yours but the truth is he is always and forever be mine! I love him truly madly and deeply, harap maklum :)

This is him <3  You can only see him giving flying kiss in this picture because you wont see it anymore live! to the girl who had fantasized all this, I feel sorry for you girl. You can keep on fantasizing as much as you want because it is all a FANTASY and a DREAM. one word for you : PATHETIC!. full stop.

I am only for him and he is only for me. wink. ^.^ . lol.

Emotional? sorry! I already warned you :)

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